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Wright-Austin Gas/Liquid Separators

The Wright-Austin™ Company manufactured air/liquid separators at their Detroit, MI plant until purchased by Hayward Manufacturing in 1996.  In 2005 Eaton Hydraulics LLC, Filtration Division purchased Hayward Manufacturing, transferring fabrication to their newly constructed 1,000,000 SQFT manufacturing facility in Reynosa, Mexico. 

Our company, Factory Direct Pipeline Products, Inc., has provided sales, engineering and support services for the Wright-Austin™ brand of air/liquid separators, exhaust heads and drain traps since 2001.  We have a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors to assist you with proper sizing and selection of these products.

Company History

Wright-Austin™ established the industry standard air/liquid separator designs for over 100 years.  The product line includes both cast products (cast iron, cast steel and cast 316SS) as well as fabricated products, typically constructed from carbon steel or 316SS, although they can be constructed of most alloys available in plate form.

Cast products are typically stocked in non-assembled form, requiring 3-5 work days for assembly and testing prior to shipment after receipt of an order.  Fabricated separation products require 4-6 weeks for most "standard" (existing designs) and up to 8+ weeks for custom designed separators.

We have access to many of the drawings and design details for separators manufactured during the Wright-Austin™ days, usually the applicable information is included on the nameplate.  Sometimes a picture and a few dimensions are all that is required for identifying an existing separator.

While we provide sufficient information and resources online to enable you to size your own air/liquid separator, we encourage you to contact us for assistance for your specific application. The best way to proceed is to fill-out our inquiry form, as it will prompt you for most of the information we require to properly size a separator for your application.

Getting Started

  • Product line overview

  • Catalog index by separator type and material of construction, including pricing and outline drawings

  • Resource library, learn about how separators work, view sizing charts and use sizing tools

  • Send us an inquiry!

Wright-Austin Type T Gas/Liquid Separator

Air/liquid separators have no moving parts.  Due to the internal geometry of the separator causes 99% of entrained moisture to coalesce and drain from the separator with minimal pressure drop.